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Hello again👏 I’m Tiffanie.

I am a self-taught designer with extensive marketing and communications experience.

My background is in marketing and business development, leading to years of experience effectively communicating with clients and understanding their needs. I care deeply about how people feel, and helping them achieve little success in their daily life has been my long-term goal. 

I love all things color and art; for over 6 years of learning graphic design and illustration, my sensitivity to trendy designs and content has brought me opportunities and experiences. My inspiration comes from a melting pot of varied sources: from famous artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat to mixed cultures, video games, music, and more. I can adapt to any role and environment. I embrace challenges and welcome individuality.

About this portfolio

I have created a magic blend of creativity and marketing analytics. I do more than construct beautiful content - I study, research, measure, and continuously improve upon it.

To offer a more diverse portfolio of my capabilities, I have acquired experience in various fields. Some of my acquired knowledge includes graphic design, UX/UI Design, illustration, and more. 



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