Hello again👏 I’m Tiffanie.

I am a product designer based in New York City, interested in building meaningful user experiences for the digital space.

My background is in marketing and business development, leading to years of experience when it comes to effectively communicating with users and understanding their needs. I care deeply about how people feel and helping them achieve little success in their daily life has been my long-term goal.

Other Things I enjoy Doing...

I am honored to call myself a huge foodie and a great chef, most of my free time I would be digging for new recipes and baking as well, I even named my lovely dog Butter as that is the essential ingredient for most of the recipes.

What I'm Currently Up to...

- Discover new projects to work on

- Still a huge fan of Seventeen and Reiley

- Can't wait for the new Stranger Things 5

Butter and Hana